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I come from a typical Bengali family, but somehow turned into an atypical Bengali woman. The first time I tried to cook by myself was when I was 26, living far away from home, and even with recipe books and numerous phone calls to my Mom, the results were disastrous. Not one to accept failure easily, I started to closely observe my friends when they cooked, and took a closer interest in my Mom's cooking when I came to Bangladesh for holidays. Since I had no time or patience to stand by the stove for hours, which the typical Bengali cooking demands, I added a few twists and turns and came up with time-saving variations. "Minimum Effort. Maximum Impact." - that's my motto! My venture in the culinary realm received Oscars when my Mom started to praise my cooking and ask ME for recipes, and when my husband started saying that my food tasted better than Old Delhi cuisine. I hope that you too will enjoy my dishes.

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